Music box with crackle paint

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Desde: 145,00

Email me to ask me about your customized music box

Desde: 145,00

Email me to ask me about your customized music box

In this music box, besides the figure made in polymer clay there are also details related to Paris transferred to the box. The box is crackle painted and waxed, that is why it has an old appearance. The paint used is Annie Sloan, which is my including DIY as it packs.

If you want to order your own custom music box email me to and tell me what you want. Please note the following:

I can customize your box as you want. We both decide about the design of the music box. I will choose the colour, the paper inside and the position of the figures based on my personal taste. Please if you want something specific related to any of these aspects do not hesitate to tell me so I can take it into account when modeling the figures and working on other aspects of the request.

With regard to painting, I usually use two tones in each case with a given aspect pickling treatment in some cases or aged, sometimes you can see the wood of the box. Being a handmade product the finish will never be uniform.

On the music, you can choose any that I have on the list of tunes or you can also have your own custom tune. If you choose “Your own tune” you will see that the price varies box 50 €. Note that these customizable cranks are totally different from the others because they run on a strip of paper. Email me with any questions.

Maybe you are interested in shipping and returns section and FAQ.

Have examples of different music boxes I’ve done on this link and you can also listen to tunes on this one.


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