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Are there special offers for big quantities?

Yes, sure. In case you want to purchase more than 20 music boxes for your shop, your wedding, special dinner, baptism or any other event, don´t hesitate to contact me. We can negotiate the price as well as the question which product would suit best your request.


Can I choose the decoration of custom music boxes?

Yes. The custom-made music boxes can be exactly in accordance with your requests. We can discuss how you would like your music box looks like and if it is possible to make it with the materials I use. The size of the custom-made music box is 19x12x8 cms.

Follow this link to see pictures of various music boxes I´ve made. They can be handy in question of defining your requirements.

The price varies according to the chosen decoration. However, you can get an idea of the approximate price in this eshop section. Just take into account that if you choose the hand crank paper strip music box mechanism, the price will be higher.


Can I order a customised music box with my favourite melody?

I have various melodies at the disposal. You can see them on this link.

If the melody you want isn´t on my list of melodies, I can personalize your music with the special music box mechanism. They are very particular ones for the reason they work on the basis of perforated paper strip. First I have to check if I´m able to transfer your song to these special music box mechanisms because it´s not possible with all the songs. You can find the entire information about these mechanisms on this link.

Before you make any decision, I also recommend you to take a look at my Youtube channel to see how they look like and how they sound. The price of one personalized melody is 50€.


I’d like to make my own handle with my favourite melody. How can I do it?

First of all it would be helpful to have the appropriate knowledge of the music theory. For that reason, I´ve created this tutorial where I explain how can you transfer your own melody to the music box mechanism. If you order one in my eshop, there are 3 paper strips and one hole puncher included in the pack. On my esdemusica Youtube channel you can see various types of melodies which fit to this type of music box mechanism.

I’d like to make my own music box. Is that possible?

Of course. The only thing you have to do is to buy one Pack DIY in the eshop and I will send you all material needed. Go over the packs I have, to see which one you like most. In the case of any problem, it will be my pleasure to lend you a hand.