Details about shipping and refunds

Delivery time: Due to the level of personalization of my boxes, I require at least 10 working days. During the holiday season or in case of higher working load, the duration of shipping may be extended up to 3 weeks. If you want your music box is ready for a specific date earlier than is the regular delivery time, please contact me at my email address: to see if it is possible.

Shipping: I ship my goods worldwide to any registered address. When your purchase order is send off, you can request for the tracking number of it. Although, the postal service can´t guarantee 100% on time deliveries, the standard delivery time is:

·      within Spain: between 2 and 3 days,

·      for Europe: between 5 and 10 days,

·      for the rest of the world: between 10 and 15 days.

The cost of the delivery is specific for each product; you will see it at time of making purchase.

Refunds and exchanges: In the case your order is damaged during the shipping, email me to and send me a picture of what exactly happened so that I can see how it can be fixed. Depending on the type of the product, I will try to find the best possibility how to solve the damage e.g. by sending you a new product or the other way without extra costs.

Returns for the absence at home (external cause not related to the esdemusica eshop): Deliveries are certified. If the postal service doesn´t reach you at your address you´ve given to me, they will leave you a message to pick up the packet in the nearest post office. If you don’t collect it, it will return to me. Contact me in case you want me to resend it to you. However, I will charge you the delivery charge again.

Some notes about personalized music boxes: On the blog as well as in the eshop you can find many examples of music boxes so you can get an idea how can be yours. Please, if you have any special request about design, let´s discuss it already in the preliminary stage of making it. Also please take notice that all is 100% handmade so each music box is unique and may have little imperfections. Look closely at the photos I´ve posted… the music boxes are like those.

In case of personalized music boxes I don´t accept returns. However, if your order is damaged during the shipping or there is a fault from my side, then surely I will repair it for you.

About the personalized music: If you want me to make a melody I haven´t transferred before, I will send you the audio recording with the approximate version how can you get it on the music box mechanisms I use. This way you can better make up your mind if you want to buy that mechanism or not.