The music boxes just the way they are and just the way I make them in this beautiful video of Zseventyfour


You can see the music boxes just as they are as well as the way how I make them in this wonderful

video by Zseventyfour.

My work is creating music boxes. That is what I´ve been doing for years and I hope to have the good

fortune to keep continuing in it for many more years in future.

On this page you can see a selection of the boxes I’ve made. As well, occasionally I post here the

things I have learnt, that I find interesting and that I think are nice to share with anyone who is

interested to read them and listen to them.

I also give piano lessons to children and adults. I try to have an individual approach to each of my

students. It depends on everyone´s requirements and abilities. Of course, I don´t forget the music

theory and practicing instrument playing because these are basics for the improvement. However, I

try to make the lessons pleasant so that my students enjoy them.

In case you want to tell me something, give me a feedback or ask me about music boxes or piano

classes, feel free to contact me at my email address

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